Odisha Mission Suvidya for SC and ST Schools

Odisha Mission Suvidya for SC and ST Schools, Benefits of Odisha Mission Suvidya, Odisha Mission Suvidya for improving Quality of education and to ensure facilities

Odisha Mission Suvidya was launched by the chief minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik for the benefit of SC/ST Schools. The main objective of  Odisha Mission Suvidya is to ensure the infrastructure development and to give quality education in ST and SC schools run by the SC/ST Development Department.

The Odisha Government is providing all the facilities to over 5 lakh students belonging to ST and SC communities in more than 6,500 residential schools. Through this scheme, Odisha government want to strengthen the new initiative for residential schools.

As the students are facing problems with lack of facilities, the state Government want to ensure the quality by improving the basic facilities such as Building, toilets, kitchen, Dining hall in hostels and safe drinking water supply system will be developed at ST/SC schools. The basic facilities will be improved such that it should be certified by the International Standard Organisation (ISO). Almost 180 residential schools have been covered in the first phase of Mission Suvidya.

To improve the quality of education the Government had signed an agreement with Akshara Foundation for the students from Class I to Class V at schools. Through this scheme there will provide library and digital learning system by which  the students can easily understand the subjects like English and Mathematics. SC and ST Development department will implement Odisha Mission Suvidya.


Benefits of Odisha Mission Suvidya

  • By facilitating with the quality services in safety, security, health, hygiene and food provisions, the students can focus on studies.
  • It Improves Accommodation Services in SC/ST Hostels
  • The services of safe drinking water, functional toilets, safe building, proper kitchen and dining in hostels in the hostel will be managed by the SC/ST department.
  • By the implementation of Mission Suvidya, The parents can happily join their children in to the residential schools without worrying about any factors.
  • 2 MoUs have been signed so that to ensure the Quality Council of India (QCI) and the Akshara Foundation for the execution of of Mission Suvidya.
  • Also the scheme aims to achieve ISO certification in maintenance of higher standards and the quality of basic services.
  • Akshara foundation improved the education level by providing digital learning solutions in classroom and hostel library programs.
  • In the First phase of Mission Suvidya, over 2 Lakh students in 180 residential schools under SC/ST department.

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