Telangana Aasara Pension 2019 Online Form, Search List

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Details Online

Aasara Pension scheme is one of the Scheme of Telangana State its aim is to improve the condition of the society by providing a Financial assistance. This scheme is announced to give protection for lower class people and to improve there way of living in the society. Individuals belonging to the category of Old Age, People with HIV-AIDS,
Widows, Incapacitated weavers, Toddy Peppers and Disabled will get financial assistance under the TS Aasara Pension scheme. The scheme mainly focuses on the living of the Poor people of society. It takes care of welfare and security of lower sections of society that includes meeting basic needs of poor people. The Aasara Pensions are mainly introduced in the society for elimination of rural poverty. Department of Rural development is implementing the scheme.

Aasara Pension Eligibility

Aasara Pension for Old Age

  • The minimum age to avail the benefits of Aasara pension is 57 years or above.
  • If any household is run only by old persons like widows, physically disabled, or terminally ill belonging to 65 years of age will get the scheme benefits.
  • Aasara pension beneficiary can be availed by only one person in a family and there prefer women.
  • Persons belonging to Primitive and vulnerable tribal groups are also eligible.
    The landless laborers, poor craftsmen, coolies, porters, rickshaw pullers, and the like living in slums will be included in the scheme benefits.

Aasara Pension for Widows

  • A window will get the Aasara pension only if she is 18 years and above.
  • she should be from both vulnerable and primitive group.
  • The women should be the head of the family and no others members from the family are earning.
  • Only women from rural and urban areas belonging to working classes such as weavers, rickshaw pullers, artisans, porters, landless workers fruit and flower can get the pension.
  • Women residing in the temporary houses or huts especially in the urban areas are eligible.

Aasara Pension for weavers

  • Age for Weavers should be 50 years and above.
  • Any of the group from primitive and vulnerable tribal groups can apply for this scheme.
  • Only one pension will be issued in a family.
  • Persons Profession should be weaving irrespective of rural or urban areas.
  • People living in temporary houses or huts especially in urban areas are eligible to apply.

Aasara Pension for Toddy Tappers

  • Age of toddy tappers should be 50 years and above.
  • Both primitive and vulnerable tribal groups can apply.
  • Government will issue aasara pension to only one persion in a family.
  • Irrespective of person living in rural or urban areas, the persons profession must be toddy tappers.
  • Toddy tappers living in temporary houses or huts in urban areas can also apply.
  • To get the aasara pension of Toddy tappers the person should be a registered member in the cooperative society of toddy tappers.

Aasara Pension for Disabled

  • No age criteria for a Individual who is disabled.
  • Disabled people may belong to both vulnerable and primitive group.
  • An able bodied person cannot get the Aasara Pension.
  • If an individual is suffering from hearing problem the minimum disabled percentage should be 51%.
  • Any person living in Rural or urban areas can avail the beneficiary of pension.
  • One or more than one in the family can avail the pension.
  • The family annual income of the disable individual should be in the prescribed income criteria.

Aasara Pension for Beedi Workers

  • Beedi worker should be 50 years and above.
  • EPF cutt off date should be 28-02-2014.
  • Any 2 pensions will be granted in the family.

Aasara Pension for Single Women

  • The women age should be 35 years and above.
  • She should be a unmarried women.
  • Divorce copy for married women should be produced.
  • Only one pension will be grated in the family.

Required Documents for Aasara pension

  • Proof of Identity.
  • Proof of Residence
  • Proof of Age
  • Income Certificate
  • A photograph of the applicant.
  • Death certificate (of window’s husband)
  • Bank account details of IFSC code, account number, bank and branch name (as the pension amount will be directly deposited in to the Beneficiary’s Bank account).
  • Disability certificate or SADAREM certificate who has 40% and above disability.
  • People with a hearing problem can have 51% and above disability certificate.
  • Toddy tappers should submit registration documents as a member of the cooperative society of Toddy Tappers.
  • Weavers should submit registration documents as a member of the cooperative society of Weavers.

How to Apply for Aasara Pension

  • Eligible persons can apply by downloading the Application form from the Official portal or can get it from MeeSeva center near you.
  • Fill up the form with the required and mandatory fields.
  • Select pension type from the list Beedi, OAP, Widow, Disabled, Wavers, Toddy Tappers, Single Women.
  • Attest the Documents listed above, so that concern authority will scan and upload them to the Online Registration Form.
  • Submit the Aasara Pension Application Form to the Gram Panchayat Secretary / Village Revenue Officer in the rural area and to the Bill Collector in Urban area.
  • After processing the application the municipal commissioner and District collector will grant the Aasara pension on behalf of the Telangana Government.

Aasara pension search list

  • Go to official portal of Aasara Pension
  • Go to the menu and clink on search Pensioner Details
  • If you have Pension ID then enter it and click on search button.
  • If you done have ID then you can search with the details of District, Mandal, Panchayat, Name and Head of the family name and click on search button.
  • The list of Aasara Pensioner will be displayed.