AP Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme 2019 details Application Process

AP Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme details

  1. Pasupu Kumkuma scheme Payment details
  2. Eligibility for Pasupu Kumkuma scheme
  3. Benefits of Pasupu Kumkuma scheme
  4. Objectives of Pasupu Kumkuma scheme
  5. Application Procedure for Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme
  6. Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme mobile App

Government of Andhra Pradesh announced to provide Rupees Ten Thousand cash and smartphone to each women those who is a member of self help group (SHG) and registered under dwcra group member. AP Government could spend Rs. 9400 crore for this scheme. Under Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme 2019 the government of Andhra pradesh is going to buy 1.4 crore smartphones to give it to the women along with a cash of Rs.10,000/-. Pasupu Kumkuma scheme is launched by Chief Minister chandrababu naidu in the meetings held at Amaravati, Kadapa and Visakhapatnam on 25 January 2019. The Main objective of this scheme is the women welfare and empowerment.

Pasupu Kumkuma is a welfare scheme for Women self help group members registered under DWCRA programme. The benefits of Pasupu Kumkuma scheme are available through Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas (DWCRA) programme around 93 lakh women were registered across the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Pasupu Kumkuma scheme Payment details

The money for Pasupu Kumkuma scheme is going to be paid in 3 installments in the year 2019

  • A cheque with an amount of Rs.2,500/- will be paid in 1st Installment in the 1st 3 days of February 2019.
  • Another cheque with an amount of Rs. 3,500/- will be paid in 2nd Installment in February ending or in starting week of March 2019.
  • Last Cheque of Rs. 4,000 will be paid in 3rd Installment it would be done in April 2019.

Around 93 lakh women to be benefited with this new scheme along with an outlay of Rs. 9,400 crore. Since from the Financial Year 2014, the state government has already spend Rs. 21,116 crore as money transfers to the women and interest waivers on loans of SHGs. Similar meetings are going to be organized in Kadapa and Vishakapatnam to introduce the new scheme. They has nurtured DWCRA to ensure empowerment and self respect of women and to involve them in implementation of various government welfare schemes. Chief Minister has also given credit for increasing natural farming to 8% in the state which is 0.6% at the national level and 0.3% at the world level.

Government had planned well and it is in the hands of the officials to implement it well. If the implementation of the project is successful, the women will get Rs.10,000/- cash and a smart phone which will make the women get better opportunities to become financially self-dependent. The self help groups and DWCA groups will also get a chance to expand their space and work towards the betterment of needy women of the urban and Rural women in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Eligibility for Pasupu Kumkuma scheme

  • A native of the State Andhra Pradesh.
  • A women should be a member of DWCRA mahila group.
  • She should be associated with any of the Self Help groups of the state Andhra pradesh.
  • She should have Basic Personal Identity proofs like Aadhar card, Ration card, DWCRA group card, etc while registration.

Benefits of Pasupu Kumkuma scheme

  • A cash of Rs.10,000/- as financial assistance.
  • A smartphone for accessing and improving their way of living.

Objectives of Pasupu Kumkuma scheme

  • It will ensure that women registered with self-help groups attain maximum exposure and earn better living.
  • To ensure that the women in the state of AP, get adequate opportunities to get financial independence.
  • For betterment of poor and needy women.
  • To completely focus on protecting the self respect of women.
  • To involve them in implementation of various government welfare schemes.
  • For the growth of usage of technology updates in the day-by-day life of women.
  • To know the real time opportunities for women through technology.

Application Procedure for Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme

The State Government just announced the basic details of this scheme till now. The further process of Application will be discussed in the later sessions of the group. The registration process could also be made through these Self help groups and DWCRA mahila groups. Those women who are a member of any of these groups should follow up with these groups meetings to get more information of the Scheme Pasupu Kumkuma.

Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme mobile App

SERP-Pasupu Kumkuma Survey is the mobile application can be used to audit survey whether the funds has been reached to every individual SHG member and Groups. Audit of Pasupu Kunkuma funds given across the state for all the 729881 SHGs. You can download this mobile application by clicking here, fill up the fields in the mobile application with the required details and click on save or submit button to get the details whether the funds has been reached to every individual SHG member and Groups.